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CF 77

CF 77

The Concept Folding 77 merges a great thermal insulation performance and comfort with maximum light transmittance and an outstanding appearance. These unique folding doors provide a link between the interior and the exterior while taking just a little of usable space. The available models include inswing and outswing opening to meet every demand you may have. Aside from the standard folding hardware, the CF 77 accordion door can be provided as the front door which is the first of the leafs and can be operated separately from the remaining folding doors.

Maximum single leaf height: 3000MM
Maximum single leaf width: 1200MM
Frame overall depth: 77MM
Leaf overall depth: 77MM
Min. glazing thickness: 6MM
Max. glazing thickness: 63MM
Maximum single leaf weight: 120KG
Max. air permeability: Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness: Class 9A (600 Pa)
Wind load resistance: Class C3 (1200 Pa)
Thermal insulation: 2.25 W/m²K

To meet your expectations, we do not offer just a few standard colours, but an entire palette in RAL, anodised finish, or woodgrain films.


The international master of all 213 basic colours in flat or glossy finish, also available with sand texture or metallic hues.


The aluminium doors and windows have the profiles anodised (which is galvanic coating of aluminium) to improve corrosion resistance. The anodised finish ranges from light to dark options and can be had with a peened or brushed texture in the following options: golden, silver, black, champagne, brown, olive green, or stainless steel.



Woodgrain film colours: ask our sales representatives for availability.

Notice: Before choosing a colour, compare it with a physical colour sample swatch; some colour tones may vary from the shown on this website.

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