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How to order windows from Poland?

PROFAL Aluminium is a company that manufactures aluminium products such as windows, doors, facades, sliding doors, or folding doors. We have been operating on the market for over 25 years and our products have reached 12 countries so far. We know the specifications of the markets in question, as well as customers expectations. We treat each customer individually, realising the most untypical and unusual projects.

We follow current market trends and introduce modern solutions along with improvement to our production line, which translates into high quality and, of course, customer satisfaction.

Pivot Front Doors - Aluminium windows and doors manufacturer UK - Profal Aluminium

Pivot Front Doors

Modern, unconventional building techniques are frequently used to enhance the functionality of certain rooms or their components or to improve the interior’s appearance. The PIVOT door system is one of these cutting-edge items in the realm of building and interior design. What about it is important to know, and what does it primarily stand for?

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Aluminium Facades Systems

Aluminium components are the greatest technique to create a representative building facade. They create a sense of lightness, isolate the interior from outside noise, are ideal for thermo-modernization, and offer a wide range of construction options. Aluminium facade systems are the way of the future in public architecture, as well as a technical leap that spans numerous eras. Why is this approach of facade design worthwhile? Is it true that aluminium solutions make a difference in terms of aesthetics? You will find out all of this by reading our article.

Corner-windows - Aluminium windows and doors manufacturer UK - Profal Aluminium

Corner windows – which one should I choose?

There is a growing number of buildings outfitted with corner windows. These windows provide more light indoors and a modern touch which is now demanded in building architecture. Architects are often keen to use corner windows in their plans. Note that existing buildings can also have corner windows installed.


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