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Why choose corner windows?

Corner windows are still not very popular, which makes them attractive architectural highlights. They look very unique and can make a huge impression if they are made well. The aesthetics are not the key argument for adopting corner windows.

Corner windows provide considerably more light in the whole room. Especially in small interiors at the building corners, this can make a world of difference. Buildings with uncommon shapes can benefit greatly from corner windows, too.

Corner window types

Corner windows come in different sizes. From standard-height, narrow windows to glazed wall sections from the floor to the ceiling. Structure-wise, corner windows fall into two categories.

Corner post windows

A standard corner post makes the corner window look like two separate windows meeting at the corner of the building. This option allows to tilt or swing the window open. A great advantage, hands down. The room can be aired, which is beneficial to health and improves the focus of occupants. The same solution offers good technical performance. It can also easily accommodate any roller blind or exterior blind.

Corner window - Aluminium windows and doors manufacturer UK - Profal Aluminium

Corner window sash - Aluminium windows and doors manufacturer UK - Profal Aluminium

The glass corner is a highly aesthetic touch. The glass units are bonded directly where they meet in the corner. The joint is a vertical bead of silicone with a step, and remains virtually invisible. Here, aesthetics are the priority. A glass corner window has a striking appearance indeed. It also provides an unobstructed panoramic vista of the garden and adjoining greenery. It is also a great way to finish a bay window. However, it cannot accommodate no roller or external blinds.

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What corner window should you choose?

Every solution has its strengths and weaknesses. This applies to corner windows. A glass corner window provides a stunning visual effect, but it is a poor choice in rooms which need to provide privacy. Here, no roller blind or an external blind is an option. Instead, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the street or the garden, an unbeatable strength of glass corner windows.

An alternative is to install a corner post window. It helps to illuminate the room better while adding a special touch to the whole building. These windows can be installed anywhere in the house as they are fully compatible with roller blinds.

The best solution to choose will depend on the installation location of the window. The functions expected from the window will also considerably drive the buying choice. If you are unsure of what will work best for your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will clear you doubts and guide you to the optimum choice.

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