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Form flexibility

The aluminium facade systems provides a lot of versatility in terms of deciding the final form of the facade. The majority of the systems are built using pillars and transoms as components. Glass or aluminium panels are used to fill them. They may employ a variety of overlay profiles to create practically any shape for the facade. Buildings gain representativeness thanks to aluminium facades, which is particularly important in the case of corporate offices or public utility buildings. Other structural constructions, such as skylights, winter gardens, vestibules, and glass roofs, can also be made with facade profiles. In reality, the only limit is the customer’s creativity.

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Execution aesthetics

The panels used to create the aluminium facade can be processed and customised both in terms of size and colour (for this purpose, they are painted, e.g., with powder paint). This provides investors who adopt these types of solutions a lot of leeway, especially when creating things like office buildings. Glass is bonded to modules using specific constructional silicone in structural wall systems, which are also quite popular. This makes it possible to create glass surfaces that appear to be one seamless, homogeneous surface.



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Finishing elements

Aluminium facade constructions can be finished with a variety of openable features, such as tilt and roof windows, doors, and other facade-specific solutions. The best inspirations and original ideas can be found on the website of the PROFAL company – a renowned producer of aluminium joinery door and aluminium joinery windows. Projects for the residential and commercial sectors are included in the company’s portfolio. PROFAL is known for their exceptional quality, as seen by its success on Western markets.


Additional protection

Aluminium facade systems are an extremely practical solution, guaranteeing benefits in terms of insulation and strength. Toughened laminated glass with float glass make up the majority of their structure. This method produces a material that is resistant to fracture and has high fire resistance. Special custom-made constructions, such as anti-burglary or fire-resistant facades, are also feasible. The PROFAL Aluminium website has further information about aluminium facades and facade products.

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