PIVOT front door systems – a modern solution for demanding customers

Modern, unconventional building techniques are frequently used to enhance the functionality of certain rooms or their components or to improve the interior’s appearance. The PIVOT door system is one of these cutting-edge items in the realm of building and interior design. What about it is important to know, and what does it primarily stand for?

Pivot Front Doors - aluminium door manufacturer uk - Profal Aluminium

Pivot Front Doors - Aluminium windows and doors manufacturer UK - Profal Aluminium

What is the PIVOT door system?

Despite its relatively recent introduction to the market, the innovative door system PIVOT has already won over the hearts of many customers. PIVOT doors are distinguished by their shifted support axis, which enables the creation of rotary or semi-rotary doors with a futuristic appearance. The system’s name, PIVOT highlights the key design element of the door.

The use of PIVOT systems

PIVOT revolving or semi-revolving doors respond to the expanding and changing needs of modern customers of the widely constructed building and architecture sector in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They are ideal as the focal point of contemporary projects, whether they are for private residences or public spaces. PIVOT doors integrate excellently into big-scale constructions with enormous glazing or spectacular panel designs or decorations because of their unique structure and above-average size


The most important advantages of the PIVOT system

Doors made in the PIVOT system are primarily a unique solution in their originality. PIVOT-made doors are distinctive in their originality as a solution. They have a distinctive, striking characteristic that emphasises the design of each building or area in an unconventional way. These doors often have significantly bigger constructions than the typical ones as well. Up to 2×4 m (6.5ft x 13ft) in size, large, sturdy, and powerful doors offer a wide range of potential uses. Almost any cladding and structure, made of glass, stone or metals, can be placed over them without any problem. The innovative PIVOT revolving door opens new possibilities for the design of the exterior and inside of the building. They look fantastic with modern, raw, and industrial designs. A carefully designed and proven solution, the PIVOT system efficiently insulates the inside of the home and its residents from wind, cold, and noise. Despite their tremendous weight—up to 500 kg (79 stones)—they are also incredibly safe and simple to operate; they open and close smoothly and with a surprisingly light touch.


PIVOT doors in two systems

Modern PIVOT door systems are produced by Profal Aluminium in two separate systems, Aliplast and Reynaers, to fulfil the expanding demands of the market and customers. We craft doors on advanced machining equipment with utmost care and dedication to ensure that they fully satisfy even the most demanding customers. With the assistance of professional CNC machines, we complete the systems in line with the unique requirements and expectations of the customer, using any pattern cut in our business.

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