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The front DECALU 88 PANEL DOORS boast a refined, modern look. The double-sided decorative panel is flush with the frame to provide a neat, plain look from the outside and the inside, while the Anti-Bi-Metal thermal break technology for these doors minimises the risk of structural deformation when exposed to the summer heat and the freezing cold in winter.

The decorative panels come with many milled patterns, colours, accessories, or combinations, including a door frame with LED accent lights!

We can certainly guarantee the front doors from us provide be lasting, beautiful showpieces for the entryways in modern buildings, highlighting the front exterior with the precision of detail.


ProfDoor GP01 ProfDoor GP02
ProfDoor GP05 ProfDoor GP06 ProfDoor GP10 ProfDoor GP11
ProfDoor GP12 ProfDoor GP13 ProfDoor GP14 ProfDoor GP15
ProfDoor GP16 ProfDoor GP16 ProfDoor GP18 ProfDoor GP19
ProfDoor GP20 ProfDoor GP21 ProfDoor GP22
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